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APLS Thermal Guard

APLS Thermal Guard — Provides Thermal Protection During Emergency Transport

APLS Thermal Guard is a portable and disposable absorbent litter that provides maximum thermal protection during emergency transport.

APLS Thermal Guard provides an integrated system for improved patient care: the highly absorbent cellulose core wicks fluids away from the patient, the fleece-lined bag and detachable hood retains body heat, and the treated nylon backing protects against wind and moisture.

Two closable "L" shaped access points enable the patient to retain body heat while being treated by medical personnel. For added thermal protection, optional internal pockets provide a "heat zone" in four key areas when used with a mobile heat source.

APLS Thermal Guard can retain 4.5 liters of bodily fluid while safely supporting up to 450 pounds. Two pockets inside the bag hold patient documents, x-ray disks and personal effects.


  • Built-in thermal properties for warmth during transport
  • Contains up to 4.5 liters of blood and bodily fluid
  • Leak proof nylon backing
  • Closable access points aide with patient treatment and warmth
  • Lightweight, rugged, strong
  • Eight handles for easy transport
  • Bottom straps secure to litters
  • Locker for patient documents
  • Detachable hood component
  • Supports 420 - 450 lbs. (190.51 - 204.12 kg) wet or dry
  • Compressed vacuum packed

PART No. and NSN No.:

Infant:: Part APLSV-2036H/I-2
Infant:: NSN 6530-01-573-5993
Adolescent: Part APLSV-3065H/A-2
Adolescent: NSN 6530-01-573-5982
Adult: Part APLSV-3391H/3-2
Adult: NSN 6530-01-562-6008


  • Finished Product Size: 33" x 91" (83.82 cm x 231.14 cm)
  • Target Absorbency (H2O): 4,500 to 5,000 grams (target = 4,750 grams, or 4.5 liters)
  • Pad Thickness: 0.2250" (0.57 cm)
  • Pad Weight: 6.60 - 6.65 lbs. dry weight (2.99 - 3.2 kg)

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APLS: Designed to Save Lives

APLS is a patient's ally during what military doctors call the "Golden Hour" - the period immediately after injury when the patient, if not rescued, may experience life-threatening blood loss. The lightweight and portable design of APLS enables first responders and medical personnel to quickly transport injured personnel.

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