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First Responders

Response times and expedited patient care are critical to the resolution of mass casualty and mass fatality incidents.

APLS products offer a quick and efficient way to safely evacuate and care for injured civilians from any life-threatening scenario. APLS is ready when a large number of casualties suddenly need to be moved safely and quickly after explosions, earthquakes, train, bus or airplane crashes, accidents on oil rigs, mines or maritime vessels, and at high rise building failures.

APLS - rugged, lightweight and compact - can be easily stored in small, tight places, including: police vehicle trunks; in lockers at airports, stadiums, arenas and schools; or in closets at corporate campuses, hospitals, malls, cruise ships, and hotels.

The time and place of a mass casualty incident is impossible to predict, so nothing is more important than being prepared. Any venue that could be susceptible to a public emergency should have APLS life-saving products at the ready.

APLS Evacuation and En Route Care Products

APLS Rigid, APLS Transport, APLS Transport with Comfort Plus, APLS Thermal Guard, APLS Thermal Guard Mylar, APLS Thermal Guard Sheath and APLS Thermal Wrap are designed for the quick evacuation of injured personnel from life threatening situations.

These APLS products offer built-in thermal properties for warmth during transport and are compatible with all litter systems.

Constructed with durable canvas and a highly absorbent cellulose core, APLS can support the weight of a soldier while absorbing blood, body fluids and other wet solutions. APLS' lightweight and compact features are specifically engineered to fit easily in a first responder's kit.

APLS Medical Facility Products

APLS Litter Guard, Surgery Soaker, Gurney Guard and Floor Guard are designed to maintain the cleanliness and safety of a medical surgery environment.

APLS Triage and Post-Mortem Products

APLS Triage Tarp System maintains a safe, dry environment at mass casualty situations, drastically reducing the risk of first responders slipping and falling on a victim, thus injuring them further.

APLS Body Guard is designed to respectfully protect deceased personnel and attendants while absorbing blood and fluids. Available with a leak proof backing and sealed edges, as well as an optional surface active agent for odor control.

APLS Body Guard HazRem is a rugged, disposable absorbent body bag that protects service providers from potentially harmful chemical and biological agents.

APLS Sea Recovery is designed to safely remove deceased personnel from bodies of water.

Triage Tarp System
APLS Body Guard
APLS Sea Recovery

For more information on APLS products, please contact our Manager of Business Development Tom Nyhan via phone at (909) 973-9983 or via email at .

APLS: A Life-Saving Tool For First Responders

  • Police Officers
  • Firefighters
  • Search and Rescue
  • EMS
  • Sheriff's Deputies
  • Border Patrol
  • Highway Patrol
  • Hospital Staff

Designed For All Venues

APLS is designed for public and private venues:

  • Airports
  • Stadiums
  • Arenas
  • Schools
  • Corporate Campuses
  • Hospitals
  • Malls
  • Cruise Ships
  • Mines
  • Heavy Industry
  • Mass Transit
  • Beaches
  • Hotels
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Ports of Entry

Improving First Responders' Readiness in Mass Casualty Situations

"APLS is a revolutionary new asset for first responders in the MASCAL sector. The compact and rugged design, coupled with superior absorption properties, will be extremely beneficial in the field."

Penny S. Reynolds, PhD
Assistant Professor, Emergency Medicine Research
Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center

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