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The APLS family of products, developed in concert with a team of military medical experts, enhances the safety and care of soldiers and medics in the battlefield, en route care, and at medical facilities.

APLS products are in-use by the world's leading militaries, including the United States Army, Marine Corps, Navy and Air Force.

APLS pole-free litters and hypothermia prevention products have improved military unit's casualty extraction tactics, techniques and procedures in the battlefield and in transport.

APLS is a soldier's ally during what military doctors call "The Golden Hour" - the period immediately after injury when the soldier, if not quickly evacuated, may experience life-threatening blood loss.

Emergency rescues, evacuations and transports have been expedited now that APLS products are available in active military theatres around the world.

APLS Evacuation and En Route Care Products

APLS Rigid, APLS Transport, APLS Transport with Comfort Plus, APLS Thermal Guard, APLS Thermal Guard Mylar, APLS Thermal Guard Sheath, APLS Thermal Guard Vet and APLS Thermal Wrap are designed for the quick evacuation of injured personnel from life threatening situations.

These APLS products offer built-in thermal properties for warmth during transport and are compatible with all litter systems as well as a kit/set package for hypothermia support.

Constructed with durable canvas and a highly absorbent cellulose core, APLS can support the weight of a soldier while absorbing blood, body fluids and other wet solutions. APLS' lightweight and compact features are specifically engineered to fit easily in a soldier's ruck sack.

APLS Medical Facility Products

APLS Backrest Guard, APLS Litter Guard, APLS Surgery Soaker, APLS Gurney Guard and APLS Floor Guard are designed to maintain the cleanliness and safety of a medical surgery environment.

APLS Post-Mortem Products

APLS Body Guard and APLS Body Guard HazRem are designed to absorb blood and fluids while respectfully protecting deceased personnel and service providers.

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APLS: Designed to Save Lives

APLS is a patient's ally during what military doctors call the "Golden Hour" - the period immediately after injury when the patient, if not rescued, may experience life-threatening blood loss. The lightweight and portable design of APLS enables first responders and medical personnel to quickly transport injured personnel.

Wounded Warrior Project

Paper Pak Industries is a proud sponsor of Wounded Warrior Project (WWP), a non-profit organization established to raise support and public aid for the service men and women who have suffered severe combat injuries. To learn more about Wounded Warrior Project, please visit http://www.woundedwarriorproject.org/.

APLS Thermal Guard Quickly Transports Injured Personnel

"APLS Thermal Guard is an outstanding new product that has filled a gap in the Enroute Care Program. For the past five years of Operation Iraqi Freedom, nurses have had to jerry-rig supplies in order to protect our critically injured patients from hypothermia during transport. APLS Thermal Guard has provided us a purpose-made device that addresses all of the major problems that the Enroute Care Program faces. It was made with input from those of us who have 'been there, done that, got the t-shirt'. APLS Thermal Guard has met or exceeded all of our expectations."

George J. Brand II, NC, USN
Medical Company (TQ Surgical), Executive Officer
Al Taqaddum, Iraq

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